Gavia Scuba Club
Of Greater Cincinnati

Cincy Shops
Member Area

Membership Benefits
  • Monthly newsletter subscription to The Bottom Times.
  • Members get a club directory listing members and their interests, skills, certifications, and experiences. It also includes shop lists, video library index, equipment lists, and other useful information.
  • Use of club safety equipment including a DAN emergency oxygen kit, and extensive first aid kit, throw rope, decompression line, etc.
  • Access to a large club video library with free checkout to members only.
  • Group rates on many dive and outdoor activities.
  • Access to the knowledge and fellowship of other local divers of all skill levels and interests.
  • Special club discounts are often given on dive magazine subscriptions to members.
  • Other special offers are often made to club members on merchandise, trips, etc.
  • Free programs at most monthly meetings.
Monthly meetings are held where we discuss upcoming activities and club business. A guest speaker or program is normally scheduled for each meeting, on a subject of interest to divers. Subjects include dive specialties, sea life, slide shows, videos tapes, first aid, and many others.
Meeting Time & Location
Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month (except December) at Twin Dragons Restaurant on Tylersville Road in West Chester, near Cox Road. You may join us for dinner at 6:30 or come to the meeting only at 7:30. Please check the calendar for changes.
Club membership is open to any individual interested in the sport of scuba diving or the marine environment. Participation in SCUBA activities is limited to members certified through a recognized agency. We do not give scuba instruction, nor certify divers. We can direct interested persons to a qualified instructor and dive shop.
Club Dues
$20.00 - Individual one year membership.
$30.00 - Household one year membership, all family members living in same household.
Affiliations with other Organizations
OCSSDI logo The Club is a member club and supporter of the Ohio Council of Skin & Scuba Divers, Inc. The OCSSDI is a non-profit organization of independent dive clubs and divers throughout Ohio.
DAN logo
The GSC has been a club sponsor of the Divers Alert Network (D.A.N.) in past years. We encourage all divers to join D.A.N. and pick up their insurance. Members please put the club DAN sponsor #033288 on your application, so that the club gets credit for your membership.
DAN Diving Emergencies Phone: (919) 684-8111

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