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GAVIA (Gaviidae), the Loon, is a large water bird which is specialized for swimming and noted for being an expert diver.

The GAVIA SCUBA CLUB, formed in 1991, has been organized as a non-profit Club to promote and pursue the common interest in SCUBA diving among its members and the community. Affiliation with other regional, national and international diving clubs is encouraged.


The objective of this non-profit club is: to bring together persons interested in the sports of skin and SCUBA Diving; to promote the safe and proper use of equipment and techniques used in these sports; to provide a public service to the local, state, national and international communities: to provide members with an opportunity to participate, as a group, in the sports of skin and SCUBA diving; and promote awareness of the marine environment.

We intend to promote diving through the dive shops in the local community in a non-partial manner. In accordance with that objective, GAVIA SCUBA CLUB will not provide any diving certifications and will not engage in the retail sale or rental of SCUBA equipment.


Membership in this Club will be voluntary and unrestricted with respect to sex, race, religion, color, or national origin.

  1. Classes of Membership:

            1. Diving Membership

        1. A Diving Member is a person who holds a recognized SCUBA certification and is approved for membership by the Executive Committee.
        2. Privileges of Diving Member include:
            1. General Membership voting, regardless of the age of the member
            2. Holding any office
            3. Use of club equipment - if holding the proper current certification
            4. Participation in all Club activities at member cost
        1. Diving Members may select either a single or household membership. A household membership:
            1. Consists of one or more adults and their children less than 18 years of age, residing at the same address. Children up to age 23 may be included if attending school full-time.
            2. Entitles only two (2) votes regardless of the number of individuals comprising the membership.
            3. Entitles one newsletter for the household.

            2. Non-Diving Membership

        1. A Non-Diving Member must be approved for membership by the Executive Committee and has the same privileges as a diving member except for use of SCUBA equipment unless under the direct supervision of a certifying instructor.
        2. A Non-Diving Member must be at least 18 years of age to vote


        3. Non-Diving Members may select either a single or household membership. A household membership:
        1. Consists of one or more adults and their children less than 18 years of age, residing at the same address. Children up to age 23 may be included if attending school full-time.
        2. Entitles only two (2) votes regardless of the number of individuals in the household who are eligible to vote.
        3. Entitles one newsletter for the household.
  1. Applications:
    1. Applications for Membership shall be in writing and in the form and detail prescribed by the Executive Committee. They shall be accompanied by the prescribed fees and dues, and be submitted to the Secretary.
    2. All applications for membership shall be accompanied by the current club Liability Release in the form and detail prescribed by the Executive Committee. The Certificate of Liability Release for applicants under the age of 18 shall be endorsed by both the applicant and his/her parent or guardian.
  1. Membership Renewals:
    1. Members may maintain uninterrupted membership by submitting required annual dues to the Secretary. A membership form as prescribed by the Executive Committee shall accompany payment. The basic purpose of the membership form is to update address and other information.
    2. Incomplete forms may not be accepted for membership.
  1. Resignations:
    1. Resignations shall be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary, who will forward them to the Executive Committee at the first meeting following receipt. Resignations shall become effective on the date requested or the date of approval by the Executive Committee whichever is later. No refund of membership dues will be made.
  1. Suspension/Expulsion:
    1. A member of the Club may be suspended or expelled for cause. Charges shall be brought before the Executive Committee for investigation. It shall require a majority vote of the Executive Committee members to expel or suspend a member.
    2. Any member charged shall be notified so that they may present argument before the Executive Committee prior to that Committee’s decision.
    3. Expulsion shall constitute forfeiture of all fees, dues, and privileges. Suspension shall constitute forfeiture of all membership privileges for a specified period of time.


        A. Elected Officers:

    1. The following officers shall be elected by the Membership to a yearly term beginning January 1 and continuing through December 31, and they shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is charged with the general supervision and responsibility of all club activities.
        1. President
        2. Vice-President
        3. Secretary
        4. Treasurer
        5. Trustees
    1. Two trustees will also be elected by the Membership. Their term of office shall be two years beginning and ending in January with one Trustee elected each year. In addition to the two elected Trustees the out-going President shall become a Trustee for a period of one year. If the President is re-elected to a subsequent term and the previously out-going President does not want to serve a subsequent term as Trustee, a special election shall be held to elect a Trustee for a term of one year.
    2. Executive Committee members may hold only one elected office.
    3. All members of the Executive Committee shall have voting privileges. At the end of an Executive Committee member’s term of office, he/she will receive a one-year individual membership if they attended at least 70% of the monthly club meetings and at least 70% of the Executive Committee meetings during their term of office.
    4. Vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be filled by a special election

        B. Appointed Officers:

    1. The following positions may be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee:
        1. Dive Officer
        2. Public Relations Officer
        3. Newsletter Editor
        4. Newsletter Publisher
        5. Electronic Communications Officer
        6. Parliamentarian
    1. The Dive Officer may appoint diving members to serve as Dive Marshals to assist, or serve in the absence of the Dive Officer

        C. Eligibility:

    1. All elected or appointed officers must be either a Diving or Non-Diving member in good standing and no less than 18 years of age.
    2. The President and Dive Officer must hold a Diving Membership.

        D. Power and duties of elected officers shall be:

    1. President:
        1. Preside at meetings of the club and the Executive Committee.
        2. Be a member ex-officio of all regular and special committees, except the nominating committee.
        3. Appoint committee chairpersons with the majority approval of the Executive Committee.
        4. Sign checks for authorized expenditures as needed.
        5. Perform other duties as pertaining to his/her office.


    1. Vice-President:
        1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request.
        2. Succeed the Office of President in the event of vacancy.
        3. Act as assistant to the President.
        4. Act as program chairman in obtaining speakers, films, etc., for General Meetings.
        5. Act as liaison with local area dive shops in absence of a Public Relations Officer.
    1. Secretary:
        1. Conduct the official correspondence of the Club, maintain all membership records, and have custody of all Club records (except fiscal records).
        2. Accept all applications for membership/renewal of membership and route such applications and accompanying monies as appropriate.
            1. New membership applications and dues and fees will be delivered to the Executive Committee.
            2. New memberships, when approved, and renewal applications will be recorded and a written account forwarded with the monies to the Treasurer.
        1. Provide the Newsletter Publisher with the membership mailing list and count for the printing of the newsletter.
        2. Provide the Electronic Communications Officer with updated e-mail address lists.
        3. Maintain a true record of all Club and Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying the Membership of special meetings including time, place and objective.
        4. Maintain club affiliations and re-charter as directed by the Executive Committee.
        5. Provide the Executive Committee with a copy of all regular and Executive Committee meeting minutes.
    1. Treasurer:
        1. The Treasurer shall be charged with the receipt, accounting, and banking of all Club funds. Funds will be deposited, undiminished, in the name of the Club within fifteen days after receipt.
        2. Maintain deposits of Club funds in a bank accredited institution as approved by the Executive Committee.
        3. Expend funds for payment of Club accounts, as required.
        4. Render a financial status report each regular meeting and at such times as directed by the President.
        5. Disburse all funds for authorized expenditures on pre-numbered bank checks, none being drawn payable to cash or bearer.
        6. Secure an annual audit as described in Article XI.
        7. Upon leaving office, the Treasurer shall prepare a financial statement and certification to include:


            1. Statement of assets and liabilities.
            2. Statement of receipts and disbursements.
            3. Statement of bank balance as of date of transfer and reconciliation with the balance indicating unrecorded deposits and outstanding checks.
            4. The following signed statement: "I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief this statement is a complete and accurate account of the GAVIA SCUBA Club Fund, revealing all outstanding liabilities and that receivables and property owned by the Club are on-hand or properly accounted for."
    1. Trustees:
        1. Serve as voting members of the Executive Committee with the purpose of providing continuity in meeting the basic goals of the Club.
  1. Power and Duties of Appointed Officer shall be:
    1. Public Relations Officer:
        1. Responsible for the dissemination of all newsworthy items concerning Club activities and membership.
        2. Responsible for liaison with publishers and editors of other publications, Public Relations Staffs, and other organizations.
        3. Act as liaison to the area dive shops.
    1. Newsletter Editor:
        1. Responsible for the compiling of a periodic newsletter containing articles on Club activities, skin and SCUBA diving, new diving techniques, publicity, and other items of interest.
        2. Accept articles, proofread and ensure that all newsletter articles and advertising conform to the guidelines established by the Executive Committee.
    1. Newsletter Publisher:
        1. Responsible for the publication and distribution of the periodic newsletter as received from the Newsletter Editor.
        2. Transfer extra newsletters to the Secretary on or before the next scheduled General Membership meeting.
    1. Parliamentarian:
        1. Ensure compliance with Article X.
        2. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee and other Committees, as requested.
    1. Electronic Communications Officer:
        1. Maintain any club web page in accordance with established publishing guidelines.
        2. Maintain all electronic mailing lists.
        3. Act as liaison with Internet Hosting Provider.
        4. Serve as Web Master of any club web page.
        5. Forward any general e-mails to the correct officer.


    1. Dive Officer:
        1. The Dive Officer is a member ex-officio of any committee involved in planning Club diving activities. The Dive Officer is responsible to assure that planning and conduct of all diving expeditions are in accordance with generally accepted dive safety guidelines.
        2. The Dive Officer is responsible for maintaining Club property records, inventory, and accounting of all Club equipment; storage and safeguard of Club equipment; and issue of Club equipment records thereof.
        3. Upon leaving office, the Dive Officer shall prepare a current inventory of all club property. The inventory list and all equipment will be given to the Treasurer.


  1. Nominating Committee:
    1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and members appointed by the president with the approval of the Executive Committee. The Committee selects at least one qualified candidate for each office, then reads and posts the slate at the next meeting. Consent of each nominee must be obtained before his/her name is announced on the ballot.
    2. The appointment of the Nominating Committee will be made no later than the July general membership meeting.
  1. Special Committees:
    1. The President may appoint Special Committees as deemed necessary. Such committees will serve only until their task has been completed.


  1. Amount:
    1. Changes to the currently established schedule of dues and fees of no more than 35% shall require a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
    2. Any increases in excess of 35% shall require a majority vote of a quorum of the club membership.
    3. Club members must be notified in writing or through the Club Newsletter of any proposed changes of Club dues or fees in excess of 25% at least one month prior to the voting date on said changes.
  1. Non-Payment of Dues:
    1. If a member is in arrears in payment of dues for a period of forty days, the Secretary shall report this fact to the Executive Committee. If such dues are not paid within a period of fifteen days hence, the delinquent member shall be dropped from Membership by Executive Committee action.
  1. Other Indebtedness:
    1. If a member is in arrears of indebtedness other than dues for a period of twenty days, the Treasurer will report this fact to the Executive Committee. If such indebtedness is not paid within a period of fifteen days hence, the member shall be dropped from the Membership and the Executive Committee shall take appropriate action to recover the debt.


  1. The Club will recognize or sponsor only those diving activities organized and/or authorized by the Executive Committee for the purposes set forth in the Club Constitution.
  2. Members of the Club are encouraged to increase their qualifications through additional training courses such as those offered by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Scuba School International (SSI) and other nationally recognized training organizations.
  3. Club members are encouraged to support the local dive shops.
  4. Members shall follow generally accepted dive safety guidelines.
  5. Damage to club equipment is the responsibility of the member who borrowed the equipment. The member shall pay the cost of repair or replacement of any equipment damaged while in their custody.


  1. General Meetings:
    1. Meetings to accomplish the transaction of routine Club matters shall be held monthly.
    2. The members present at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting shall constitute a quorum.
  1. Executive Committee Meetings:
    1. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at least once a month at a time and place as the President may direct.
    2. Four Executive Committee members shall constitute a quorum.
  1. Special Meetings:
    1. Special meetings of the Club may be called by the President or the majority of the Executive Committee as deemed necessary. Notice of such meeting shall be given at a preceding General Meeting, by a Newsletter entry, telephone contact, e-mail message or other communication method.


  1. The names of the candidates for the elected offices shall be taken from a slate submitted by the Nominating Committee at the October meeting. Nominations from the floor should be made at this meeting. Floor nominations will not be accepted unless the candidate is present and verbally accepts or has given previous written acceptance. An exception to the above will be made if the nominee makes verbal or written acceptance at the October Executive Committee meeting.
  2. Annual elections shall be held at the November general membership meeting.
  3. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Absentee ballots will be accepted and must be received by the Club Secretary prior to the November general membership meeting. All Diving members in good standing as well as Non-Diving members at least 18 years of age at the time of the election and in good standing, may vote in the election of officers.
  4. A majority of those members voting (including absentee ballots) is required to elect a candidate.
  5. In the event that a position remains unfilled after the election, an interim officer may be appointed by the current President.



The rules contained in Robert’s Rules or Order, Revised Edition, shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable and to the extent that they are consistent with this Constitution. A call for suspension of rules must include the definition of purpose and requires a two-thirds vote of the members present.


  1. Funds received from all sources shall constitute the GAVIA SCUBA Club General Fund.
  2. All funds constituting the General Fund shall be deposited to an account at a bank as directed by the Executive Committee.
  1. Expenditures from the General Fund in excess of $200.00 shall require prior approval by a majority of the Executive Committee.
  2. Checks drawn on Club accounts will require signature of any one of the following officers: President, Vice-President or Treasurer.
  3. The Club will not make any purchase in excess of the financial resources of the Club Funds without the specific approval of two-thirds of the membership entitled to vote.
  4. The Treasurer shall secure, during the month of December each year, an impartial audit of the Treasurer’s records from a person considered qualified by the Executive Committee, preferably the incoming treasurer. Audits may also be required upon the request of the membership as indicated by a two-thirds majority vote at a General or Special Meeting.


This Club is organized and operated exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other non-profitable purposes, and no part of its earnings shall inure to the financial benefit of any of its members.


Amendments to the constitution shall require a majority vote of current dues paying members.


In the event that the GAVIA SCUBA Club is dissolved or terminated, all liabilities will be paid from the Club funds. Remaining assets shall be liquidated or donated to a non-profit organization(s) capable of promoting the continued safe and proper use of equipment and techniques used in the sports of skin and SCUBA diving for recreational purposes. The organization shall be selected by a vote of the membership present at a final dissolution meeting.

This document reflects the entire revised Constitution of the GAVIA SCUBA CLUB effective immediately upon ratification on ___________ and replacing the Constitution placed in effect January 31, 1991.



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